East Asian Language Courses

JP 101-102 Basic Japanese

JP 201-202 Intermediate Japanese

JP 301-302 Advanced Japanese

JP 398-498 Supervised Study and Advanced Supervised Study

CN 101-102 Basic Chinese

CN 201-202 Intermediate Chinese

CN 301-302 Advanced Chinese

CN 398-498 Supervised and Advanced Supervised Study

Select East Asian Studies-Approved Courses

Course availability and offerings vary from semester to semester and year to year. For complete and up-to-date listings of EAS-approved courses, check the class schedule published by the Registrar’s Office. Course descriptions can be found in the department sections of the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Students may petition for relevant courses taken during East Asian study abroad/exchange to count toward the EAS major. Documentation, including a course description and detailed syllabus, is required for such petition.

Courses in any discipline with significant East Asian content may be counted toward the EAS major. Students must formally petition the EAS director for permission to count such courses toward the major. Documentation, including a course description and syllabus, is required for such petition.

Special Study Programs: Each year, EAS sponsors a special interdisciplinary study program with a study tour to East Asia. Current programs include:

  • Even-numbered years: Japanese Popular Culture in Japan
  • Odd-numbered years: China in Transition

These programs typically carry 3-6 credits at the 300-level and are cross-listed in the departments of participating faculty. Program emphasis and details change from year to year. For complete, up-to-date information on these programs and study tours, contact eas@jcu.edu.

East Asian Studies (EA) Courses:

198. SPECIAL TOPICS IN EAST ASIAN STUDIES Topic will be listed in the semester class schedule.

199. PRESENTATIONS OF EAST ASIA A research paper or project completed for an EAS course or study abroad experience and intended for presentation at the annual Celebration of Scholarship.

299. INDEPENDENT STUDY Directed reading or individual research.

398. SPECIAL TOPICS: China Typically includes faculty-led, short-term study tour, at additional cost to students.

410. CAPSTONE COURSE IN EAST ASIAN STUDIES A project that ties together the student’s EAS course work and reflects on the student’s experience in the EAS major. Required to complete the major.