During Celebration of Scholarship, the panel presentation of “Traditional Chinese Medicine in the US: From Exotic Alternative to Integrative Medicine,” will take place on 29th March 2012, Thursday at 5pm.

Headed by Dr. Susan Long, Professor of Anthropology, the panel consists of two graduates and two undergraduates who took the class Health and Healing in East Asia (SC 390) with Dr. Long in Spring 2011.

The presenters are:
Shanay AnDrade, 12/11 graduate
Rebecca Secula, undergraduate
Ryan Ausperk, 12/11 graduate
Hui Sian Tan, undergraduate

Through library and internet research and interviews with traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and clients in the US in 2011, this panel explores changes the traditional practices have undergone and the reinterpretations of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) by both healers and patients. Although some people prefer that TCM remain distinct from other medical practices to retain their authenticity as alternative or exotic medicine, the increased familiarity of the public, the increased acceptance of acupuncture in the medical community, and the need to reduce health care costs has led TCM in the US into a sort of “marriage” with biomedicine that looks different from both traditional and contemporary practices of these techniques in China.