Assessment Team
A newly restructured Assessment Team, comprised of seven members of the Division of Student Affairs, began meeting late fall with the purpose of increasing the culture of evidence within the overall division and in each department. The ultimate goal is to help student affairs staff members determine whether they are doing their best work and whether that work is having a positive effect on students and the institution. Over the next few months, members of the Assessment Team will be conferencing with representatives from each department to assist with plans for future assessments and evaluations.

Campus Email System
A new email system will be utilized in the coming months, as Pat Caruso, Communications Coordinator-Student Affairs, has begun developing easy-to-use templates to distribute mass emails and newsletters. The system will have the capacity to track e-mail messages and provide statistics such as percentage opened, number of times forwarded, and how often messages are viewed on mobile phones, as opposed to browsers.

SAFAC in Deliberations to Allocate Fees
The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) is in their spring process of meeting individually with Allocation Supervisors to determine the student activity fee allocations for FY14. In preparation for these meetings, allocation supervisors completed an online form answering questions about the prior year’s use of their allocation. They also had to provide evidence that expenditures directly benefitted students, including, but not limited to, programs, services, student facility improvements, and events. These activities also had to enrich the student experience, build community, and encourage students to live out the Jesuit mission to lead and serve. SAFAC then presents the allocation recommendations to the Student Union senate for approval. Once approved by the senate, the recommendations are presented to the Vice President for Student Affairs for final approval. The annual budget for FY14 is $1,090,000. Only full-time undergraduate students pay the $200/semester fee.