Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Angers `78
David and Virginia `78 Arp
Mr. and Mrs. Ara A. Bagdasarian `78
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Baran `78
Leslie J. (Moser) `78 Barber
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Barrord `78
Fred `76 and Kathleen `78 Bauters ∇
Mr. Christopher B. Beaufait `78
Mr. and Mrs. Remigijus H. Belzinskas `78
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bongorno `78
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burak `78
Dr. Claire A. CaJacob `78 ∇
The Hon. Kenneth Callahan Jr., Ret. `78 and Martha Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carrabine `78
Michael `78, `87G and Patricia `81 Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Cash `78
Daniel `57 and Mildred `78 Collins
Mark `79 and Maureen `78 Costa
Raymond `78 and Gina `79 Dalessandro
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dean `78
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Devereaux `78
Joseph and Susan `78 DiBlasio
Robert `78 and Ruth Ann (Haymond) `77 Dunford
Daryl and Karen `78 Edwards
William `78 and Lee Ann `80 Eline
Jerome `77 and Ann `78 Faist
Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. Farrell `78
Rev. Daniel R. Fickes `78
Timothy Freeman `78 and Mary Walsh Freeman `87
Mr. James Gregorich and Ms. Shelly Benford `78
Mr. Michael G. Halko
Edward and Ruth `78 Hassing
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Hebert-Brown `78
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Hink `78
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hoelting `78
Ms. Patricia H. Holly `78
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Jackson `78
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph John Jerse `78
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Judy `78
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Kenney `78
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Krakowiak `78
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lanese Jr. `78
George `78 and Terri `78 Lewandowski
Bruce `78 and Mary Ann `80 Luecke
Dr. and Mrs. Martin E. Lutz `78
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Martin `78
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Matusz `78
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. May `78
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. McGinley `78
Mark and Colleen `78 Melena
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Merriman `78 ∇
Joseph and Mary `78 Nimrod
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. O’Brien `78
Thomas `78, `98G and Josephine `78 O’Grady
Dr. Thomas G. Olbrych `78
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Parrilli `78
Kevin `78 and Lisa `77 Payne †
Dr. William T. Peruzzi `78, `80G
Jeffrey `80 and Rosemarie `78 Piening
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Prendergast `78
Mr. Gerald I. Reilly `78
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Repicky `78
Anthony and Donna `78 Serluco
Dr. Paul Shick `78 and Mrs. Catherine Simonson Shick `79
Frank Lerman and Carol Simon `78
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Skoda `78 ∇
George and Joanie `78 Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Swartz `78, `87G
Lawrence `74, `76G and Teresita `78 Tomec
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tricarichi `78
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wallenhorst `78, `87G
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Walsh `78
Richard Weaver `78 and Jeanne Colleran `76
James `78 and Catherine `79 Weir
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Weitzel `78
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Welsh `78

∇ indicates 1886 Society
† indicates deceased