Ms. Linda L. Adamany `74
Anthony `74, `78G and Jean `74, `77G Antonelli
Mr. John D. Arko `74
Ms. Roberta A. Baranowski `74
Kevin `74 and Laura `77 Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bedell `74 ∇
Thomas `73 and Mary `74 Berges
Mark `72 and Mary `74 Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bodle `74, `77G
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Boehlert `74
Ms. Martha A. Boerschlein `74
Mr. James P. Brennan `74
Mr. Michael J. Bunsey `74
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore C. Cheraso `74
Dr. and Mrs. Roberto S. Concepcion `74
Daniel Conrad `74 and Dianne Siefert-Conrad `77
Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Continenza `74
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Curatolo `74 ∇
David `74 and Deborah `75 D’Amore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Deneweth `74
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Devine `74
Mr. William L. Devoney Jr. `74 and Dr. Kimberly Bulava
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dillon `74
John `71 and Anne `74 DiPalermo
Mr. Carmen A. Distefano `74
Jon `74 and Marlene Englander
Michael `73 and Catherine Farrell
COL and Mrs. Thomas W. Feick Jr. `74
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Foderaro `74
Walter Fortney and Kathleen Joyce `74 Fortney
Mr. Dennis P. Gallagher `74 ∇
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Gaul `74
Jay Restel and Claire Gavin `74
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gratson `74
Ron`74 and Sheila Grobelny
Marc `74, `85G and Rita `73 Haag
Ms. Annette L. Haile `74 ∇
Edward `74 and Nancy `91G Hatgas ∇
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Heintschel `74
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Hull Jr. `74
Mr. Richard J. Hyclak `74 and Mrs. Kimberlyn Blum-Hyclak
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jakubs `74
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Jannazo `74
Mr. Dennis H. Kelly `74
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kelly `74
Kenneth `73 and Kathleen `74 Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Koval `74
Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Kuratko `74
Gary `74 and Mary Lynn `74 Laughlin
Ms. Madonna C. Lewis `74
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lodge `74
Richard and Laura `74 Marshall
George and Mary Alice (Horihan) `74 Martin
Thomas `74 and Karen `97G McCrystal
Mr. David M. Mele `74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Moore `74
Karl `74, `80G and Joan `76G Naugle
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Niedzielski-Eichner `74
Mr. Daniel K. O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Offinitz `74
Dr. Meribeth A. Ogrinc `74 and Mr. Daniel Villarreal
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joseph O’Malley `74
Ms. Kathleen A. O’Neil `74 and Mr. Joseph M. Incorvaia ∇
Raymond `76 and Mary `74 O’Neill
Mr. Frank J. Palermo Jr. `74
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Palmeri `74
Drs. Fred `74 and Frances Pestello
Ms. Gail McKenna Porter `74
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rados, ESQ `74
Ms. Catherine A. Reinhard `74
David `74 and Molly `75 Robinson
Anita and Martin `74 Rupich
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Sansone `74 ∇
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Sapara `74, `79G
Mr. James E. Schade `74
Ms. Joan L. Sila `74
Francis Gorczyca `73 and Jane Simeri `74
Dr. Jeanne Marie Stumpf-Carone `74
Lawrence `74, `76G and Teresita `78 Tomec
Michael and Anne `74 Tulig
Joseph J. Virostek Jr., CFA`74
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Walsh `74, `95G
Daniel `73 and Laura `74, `03G Weir
Scott `74 and Maria `74 Yaecker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zola `74

∇ indicates 1886 Society
† indicates deceased