To take an AlcoholEdu assessment, click on the appropriate link below.  Information for logging into the system is sent to your JCU email address.

  • Primary Assessment – an interactive program with a personalized approach providing an experience that impacts both your individual behavior and campus culture. It is a program specifically designed for ALL students – whether you are a frequent heavy drinker, a light to moderate drinker, or a non-drinker. You have been assigned to complete this program because you have not previously completed it successfully as you entered John Carroll.
  • AlcoholEdu for Sanctions – an interactive course designed specifically to help you since you  have violated the alcohol policy.  An expected outcome is that you will make safer and healthier choices – and avoid experiencing problems again.
  • Alcohol Innerview – an interactive program that takes you through a comprehensive assessment of your drinking-related behaviors, followed by immediate personalized feedback which: uncovers your personal and background risk factors; compares your drinking patterns to other college students; looks at your drinking in terms of negative consequences experienced, money spent, and calories consumed; encourages use of personalized protective strategies and a deep understanding of BAC (blood alcohol concentration); and explores how your risk can be decreased if you make specific changes.