Speed limit: The speed limit on campus is fifteen (15) m.p.h. Operating at a speed above this limit is a violation of university policy and subject to a fine of $50.00.

Safe Operation: Vehicles are expected to be operated on campus with due regard to the safety of people and property. Both drivers and pedestrians must be mindful of each other at all times.  Drivers are prohibited from the use of electronic wireless devices while driving as well as other distractions while operating any vehicle on campus. Fines for operating a vehicle while distracted or in an unsafe manner are $35.00 to $100.00.

Complying with traffic signs: Vehicles are to be operated/parked on campus in compliance with all traffic control devices/signs. Disobeying the instruction on a traffic control device is a violation of the university policy and subject to a fine of $35.00.

Restricted roadways: Roadways on campus may be designated by the posting of appropriate signs for one-way traffic. Operating a vehicle in the opposite direction than designated is a violation of university policy and subject to a fine of $35.00.

Abandoned vehicles: (non-residential students, faculty, staff) If you must leave your car overnight, please notify JCUPD at 216-397-1234. Parking in excess of 72 hours is a violation of university policy. The driver of any inoperable vehicle must notify JCUPD of the location of the vehicle, nature of the problem and how long the vehicle is expected to be inoperable.