For a complete list of parking information, go to the Campus Safety Services website at

University Heights Police Department
University Heights Police Department (U.H.P.D.) serves the University Heights community, of which John Carroll is a part. U.H.P.D. enforces all state laws and city ordinances for the safety of everybody in the community. U.H.P.D. monitors and responds to 911 calls. U.H.P.D. is located at 2304 Warrensville Center Road, and non-emergency calls or calls for information may be directed to the department at 216-932-1800.

U.H.P.D. requests that students be cognizant of the fact that tampering with or removing City street name signs and/or traffic control signs (Stop, Yield, etc.) is a criminal offense. Violators will be prosecuted.

Further, the following parking ordinances are listed for your information. These ordinances, enforced by U.H.P.D., are the most frequently violated.

  • All night parking prohibited: no parking on city streets between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.
  • Emergency snow ban: no parking on city streets when snow exceeds two (2) inches. Call 216-932-5900 to verify whether or not a snow ban has been declared. Be aware that the city tows away vehicles for snow ban violations so streets can be plowed.
  • Prohibited and/or limited parking zones: no parking where prohibited or in excess of hours permitted where limited time zone signs are posted.
  • Left wheels to curb prohibited: it is illegal to park adjacent to the curb facing the opposite way of traffic.
  • Fire lanes: parking is prohibited in zones where a fire lane is posted.