Information Technology Policies

Resources Policy

  1. Policy Statement

John Carroll University provides information technology resources to allow faculty, staff, and students to pursue the University’s educational mission, which includes teaching, learning, service, research and administration. Thus, Information Technology Resources (“IT Resources”), as defined in this policy, must be used in a manner that furthers the University’s mission.

Any access or use of information technology resources that conflicts with this Information Technology Resources Policy (“Policy” or “IT Policy”) or any other University policy is not acceptable and will be considered a violation of this Policy. Additionally, any activity that interferes, interrupts, compromises, or conflicts with the safe and efficient use of IT Resources is considered a violation of this Policy.  This Policy shall apply to all Users including, but not limited to, students, employees (faculty and staff), guests, affiliates, vendors and independent contractors.  Use of IT Resources, even when carried out on a privately owned computer that is not managed or maintained by the University, is governed by this Policy.  This Policy supersedes any existing policies and procedures that are in conflict with the terms of this Policy.  For complete information please click here.

Sensitive Data and Security Policy

  1. Policy Statement

The ability to collect and process information for administrative and academic purposes is critical to the University’s mission. Information collected and processed may include personal information regarding students, employees or alumni. Users operating or utilizing JCU computing resources are responsible for managing and maintaining the security of the data, computing resources and protected information, including Sensitive Data.  Protecting such information is driven by a variety of considerations including legal, academic, financial, and other business requirements.  This is especially true if Sensitive Data is being sent via e-mail.  In this age of mobility, e-mail is often carried on unsecured mobile devices.

Sensitive Data will not be collected, accessed, disclosed or transmitted except as provided by University policy and procedures, or as required by operation of law or court order. All members of the University community have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Sensitive Data from unauthorized generation, access, modification, disclosure, transmission, or destruction.  John Carroll University must protect Sensitive Data and comply with laws and other University policies regarding the protection and use of Sensitive Data.  This Policy provides a framework in order to ensure the privacy and security of that data.  For complete information please click here.