As an academic community, John Carroll University is committed to creating an environment of inquiry which embraces Jesuit, Catholic education in a search for truth where faith and reason complement each other in learning. At times this spirit of inquiry may produce conflicts of ideas, opinions, and proposals for action. The university recognizes its responsibility to provide effective channels for internal communication, free discussion, and rational persuasion as the normal and preferred means to airing and recognizing differences.

On occasion the expression of dissent through individual or collective activity may take the form of demonstration. In such cases the University must seek to ensure a fair and reasonable balance between two sets of rights. The first is the right of the members of the university community to freely pursue their objectives without unreasonable obstruction or hindrance. The second is the right to communicate, by peaceful demonstration and dissent, the positions that they conscientiously espouse on vital issues of the day. This balance requires respect for the rights and responsibilities of both the institution and the individuals involved in the demonstration.

However, neither set of rights justifies jeopardizing or threatening the safety of persons or property, including overcrowding of campus areas; interference with processes or procedures of instruction, research, administration or student activities authorized to be conducted in university facilities or on university property; violation of established building hours; or obstruction of authorized access to, use of or egress from university facilities. Such conduct is contrary to the policies and objectives of the university community. Students who participate in demonstrations and similar activity which interfere with the rights of others or the orderly functioning of the university or civic community are subject to disciplinary action according to the university student conduct procedures as well as legal action as appropriate.

For reasons of general information, assistance, courtesy and good order, and to assure that the University is in compliance with legal and code requirements, the university process requires that students contemplating demonstration and similar activities make their intentions known in advance to the Dean of Students through a meeting to discuss the arrangements for the event and completing a   for approval at least 7 days before the event date .

The use of the university forum for expression of ideas or viewpoints does not imply acceptance or endorsement by the University of the views expressed.