Drone/Unmanned Aircraft Policy

At John Carroll University, the use of drones or unmanned aircraft systems for recreational use is prohibited on or over University property or at University-related activities. Drones may be used in connection with an academic course, research program, or University employment, if sanctioned and supervised by a John Carroll University staff or faculty member.  The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management, in conjunction with JCUPD, may approve other drone use on a discretionary basis.

Drones are defined as unmanned aircraft flown by a pilot on the ground, typically, but not always, using navigation software or equipment that displays a live video feed, or takes still photographs, from the aircraft.

The full range of disciplinary actions up to and including suspension or dismissal may be considered based on the severity of the violation.

If you have a question about permissible use of a drone or whether a machine qualifies as a drone, or questions about this policy, please contact the office of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management at (216) 397-1982.