If you only remember one crime prevention tip, it’s this:
The most effective precaution against crime is to be aware of what is happening around you, all the time.

  • Keep cash out of sight, and only carry enough money around that you’ll need for the day.
  • Keep your doors locked – day or night – and don’t let strangers in your room.
  • Don’t lend out your keys or leave your door unlocked for a friend. And don’t prop open exterior doors.
  • Avoid shortcuts, dark alleys, and secluded places.
  • Never drink and drive. If you do, you may become the victim and the criminal.
  • Lock your bike to a fixed object, and use a U-shaped lock for security.
  • Always lock your car and take the keys with you. Put books and other items you aren’t carrying to class in the trunk, out of sight.
  • Don’t leave your books laying around unattended.
  • Know the locations of emergency or public telephones. DIAL 911 – it’s free – or JCUPD if you feel unsafe or are afraid in a situation.
  • If you do become a victim of crime, call JCUPD immediately. We can help you, and we know places and people to refer you to who have experience helping victims of crime.
  • Don’t bring expensive items to campus. If you think they’re valuable, chances are so does someone else.
  • Report suspicious activities to building staff or JCUPD as soon as you can. Report suspicious people, too. By reporting them, you may help prevent dangerous people from hurting you or someone else.
  • Don’t hitchhike, pick up hitchhikers, or ride with a stranger.
  • Don’t walk alone. Ask one of your friends to walk with you, or travel in groups — especially at night.
  • If you have a personal computer, engrave an identification number on it and keep it in a locked place.