The Creative Writing major and minor at John Carroll allow students to gain intensive workshop experience in writing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. The workshops are small – not more than 15 students – and the professors are actively publishing, dynamic writers and instructors. They have published books, their work appears regularly in the best literary journals, and they participate in national writing conferences and workshops.

So if you take a writing workshop at John Carroll, you are immediately connected with the current trends, styles, and movements in American writing. And because John Carroll has one of the most respected Visiting Writers programs in the state, you’ll have a chance to meet and work with nationally known visitors to our campus, people like Billy Collins, Rita Dove, and Robert Pinsky.

Finally, creative writing workshops at John Carroll are fun. You get to be the artist, the critic, and the professor, all in one exciting, challenging, and very rewarding course.

Creative Writing Track (Major)

1.  Two 200-level literature courses:  6 credit hours

Majors are strongly encouraged to take at least one of the following three courses:

EN 214  Major British Writers

EN 222  Introduction to Shakespeare

EN 277  Major American Writers

One 200-level literature course serves as the prerequisite for 300- and 400-level literature courses.

2.  Four 300-level courses:  12 credit hours

Two that are pre-1800 (2.a., b., c. under “Literature Track”) and two that are post-1800 (2.d., e., f. under “Literature Track”)

3.  Creative Writing Courses:  12 credit hours

Two courses from the introductory level, one of which is prerequisite to the advanced-level courses:

EN 301  Introductory Poetry Writing Workshop

EN 302  Introductory Fiction Writing Workshop

EN 303  Introductory Creative Writing Workshop

EN 304  Introductory Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

EN 401  Advanced Poetry Workshop

One additional course from the advanced level:

EN 402  Advanced Fiction Workshop

EN 403  Special Topics in Advanced Writing Workshop

EN 404  Advanced Creative Non-Fiction Workshop

4.  Study of Language and Theory:  3 credit hours.  One course from: 

EN 485  Contemporary English Grammar

EN 488  History of the English Language

EN 489  Studies in Rhetoric and Composition

EN 490  History of Literary Theory and Criticism

EN 491  Feminist Literary Criticism

EN 495  Critical Practice

5.  One 400-level literature course:  3 credit hours

6.  One elective at any level:  3 credit hours

7.  A portfolio to be submitted to the English Department


Minor in English (Creative Writing Track):  18 credit hours (excluding first-year composition).  1) TWO of EN 301, 302, 303, 304; 2) one of EN 401, 402, 403, or 404; 3) one course in 20th-century literature; 4) one genre course or another writing workshop; 5) one elective writing workshop at the 300 or 400 level.