University Counseling Center

The Relaxation Room


The Counseling Center has collaborated with the Grasselli Library in developing The Relaxation Room, which is located in the Learning Commons of the library. The Relaxation Room is a quiet, welcoming space for JCU students to learn about and practice a variety of research-based, mind/body stress reduction skills. It includes:

  • A state-of-the-art massage recliner
  • Guided relaxation audio recordings
  • Computer-based biofeedback programs
  • Psycho-educational books and handouts
  • Yoga mats and meditation rugs

Students may drop-in to use some of the equipment and browse any of the information. A sign-up sheet is available outside of the room so you can reserve your time to relax. You may also sign-up if you are interested in receiving some 1-on-1 consultation on how to get the most out of the biofeedback programs. Counseling Center staff and/or trained peer educators will be available for consultation and workshops on certain dates.

Counseling Center Resources for Relaxation:

Research on college campuses demonstrates that stress is the number one impediment for academic performance and overall well-being. Stress manifests itself in many ways. In the body, stress can be experienced as shallow/rapid breathing, increased heart rate, tightening of muscles, headaches and upset stomach. In the mind, stress can be experienced as racing thoughts, worrying, irritability, sadness, and even anger. Stress also impacts our performance, relationships, sleep and concentration. JCU’s Counseling Center offers a variety of resources and information to help you more effectively manage your stress and improve your relaxation skills.

At the Counseling Center we offer:

  • Individual counseling to learn and practice various relaxation techniques including deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery
  • Consultation sessions to learn how to use our portable biofeedback equipment – the Stress Erasers
  • Bibliotherapy about various relaxation and stress management techniques


Additional Relaxation Resources:

Also, there are many helpful relaxation and stress management resources available electronically. Check out smartphone apps, iTunes, YouTube and other resources for audio/video clips on deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery and other relaxation techniques. Below are some links that provide further information about mindfulness and a couple guided relaxation exercises you can try out right now:

Ted Talk on Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

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