Apps to Support Student Well-Being & Mental Health

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Relaxation / Meditation / Mindfulness


 Stop, Breathe & Think 

The Stop, Breathe and Think app is a free mindfulness, meditation and compassion-building app  that offers meditation basics and help with thoughts and emotions.

See the source imageBreathe2Relax

Lower your stress and reduce anxiety with this app.


Image result for headspaceHeadSpace 

This app, spearheaded by meditation teacher Andy Puddicombe provides ten-minute meditation sessions, with the first ten basics free of charge.


 Centering Prayer / Contemplative Prayer

The Centering Prayer mobile app teaches and supports one’s daily prayer practice commitment.

 See the source imageVirtual Hope Box

This app contains tools to help people with coping, relaxation, distraction, and positive thinking.


Anxiety & Mood Tracking

logo SAM

SAM is an app developed by university psychologists, to help those that are serious about learning to manage their anxiety.

See the source image Pacifica App

Daily tools for stress, anxiety, and depression alongside a supportive community, based on cognitive behavioral therapy & mindfulness meditation.

See the source image T2 Mood Tracker

This app was originally developed as an app for service members to record and review their behavior changes, and has become very popular with the general public.

Image result for PTSD icon PTSD

Lists a number of apps from the National Center for PTSD that are targeted to help individuals suffering from PTSD.

Suicide Prevention

See the source image My3 Suicide Prevention 

Create a support network that allows you to reach out quickly when you are struggling with thoughts of suicide.


Safety Apps

Circle of 6 Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is a personal safety app that allows you choose up to 6 trusted friends to add to your safety circle, that you can program to send SMS alerts and location.

logo bSafe

bSafe is a personal safety app that can send information about who you are, where you are (GPS) and what’s happening (video + audio) with time stamps.

Time Management

School free iconSchoolhub  is an app that reminds students about assignments, upcoming exams,and other school projects.