Stay in control of your drinking this spring

  • Opt out of rounds. Drinking in rounds can make you drink a lot faster than you’d like or realize. Opt out or try buying drinks with a smaller group of friends instead.
  • Watch out for cocktails. They can contain more alcohol than you might think.
  • Spread out your drinks throughout the night. This will help your units go further. Try not to exceed one drink per hour.
  • Try smaller measures. Rather than sticking to pints, go for a bottled beer or if you are drinking wine, opt for a small glass.
  • Go diluted. Try a more diluted alcoholic drink such as a spritzer or add ice to your drink to dilute it.
  • Rotate drinks. Have a soft drink or water with each alcoholic drink to help you stay hydrated.

Five benefits to cutting back on alcohol

Keeping an eye on what you drink can have a positive effect on your overall health and well-being. It can help you:

1. Watch your weight Alcohol is heavy on calories. And with 150 calories in an average 12 oz. bottle of beer, cutting down is a great way to stay in shape.

2. Sleep soundly Drinking less means that you get more high quality shuteye because alcohol interferes with the normal sleep process.

3. Reduce stress Some people say that they drink to relax, but in fact excess alcohol can actually make you feel more stressed because it’s a depressant.

4. Avoid hangovers Keep to the daily unit guidelines and you can kiss goodbye to a sore head, dry mouth and that dreaded “what on earth was I thinking last night?” hangover feeling.

5. Stay healthy for longer Cutting down can be great news for your long-term health. Drinking less alcohol reduces the risks of alcohol-related cancers, diabetes and heart disease. It puts less pressure on the liver too.

Posted on March 11, 2014