University Counseling Center


  1. Streak Responsibly: Drink smart or don’t start

    Tips on Drinking Responsibly Having a good time in college doesn’t mean you have to drink alcohol. As a matter of fact, more than half of first year students at JCU don’t drink at all. But for those students who do choose to consume alcohol, here are a few tips to be responsible and safe. […]

  2. Stress Management Tips for Finals Time

    Stress Management Stress in college is not a foreign concept to students, especially when the semester is coming to a close. With final exams, final papers, and other end-of-semester responsibilities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It may feel like you have too much on your plate or are simply unable to get everything done. But […]

  3. Tips On Overcoming Homesickness

    Overcoming Homesickness Starting your freshman year of college can be very exciting, but once Mom and Dad drive away, many students feel overwhelmed and homesick. At the same time that students are confronted with academic and social challenges, the support system they have known their whole lives is under a different roof. People who are […]

  4. April is Healthy Relationship Month

    Characteristics of a healthy relationship are: Respect – listening to one another, valuing each other’s opinions, and listening in a non-judgmental manner. Respect also involves attempting to understand and affirm the other’s emotions. Trust and support – supporting each other’s goals in life, and respecting each other’s right to his/her own feelings, opinions, friends, activities and interest. […]