The courses that make up the Integrative Core Curriculum are informed by the University’s nine academic learning goals. These learning goals are value statements about what the JCU faculty and administration deem essential for your educational experience and aspire for each student to achieve.

We expect graduates of John Carroll University will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an integrative knowledge of human and natural worlds
  • Develop habits of critical analysis and aesthetic appreciation
  • Apply creative and innovative thinking
  • Communicate skillfully in multiple forms of expression
  • Act competently in a global and diverse world
  • Understand and promote social justice
  • Apply a framework for examining ethical dilemmas
  • Employ leadership and collaborative skills
  • Understand the religious dimensions of human experience

The Integrative Core Curriculum ensures that these nine academic learning goals are met in multiple places and times throughout your undergraduate years so that the skills, knowledge, competencies and values the goals seek to instill are re-iterated, deepened, and actualized.