Integrative Core Curriculum

The ICC Committee


Integrated Core Committee, 2017-18 AY

Voting Members:

Rodney Hessinger Director HS
Brent Brossmann Oral Presentation CO
Dan Kilbride Faculty Council Rep
(On Leave Fall 2017)
Maria Marsilli Cardozo Engaging the Global Community HS
Sheila E. McGinn Theology & Religious Studies TRS
Keith Nagy Creative & Performing Arts CO
Tamba Nlandu Philosophy PL
Tom Pace Writing & Written Expression EN
Gwen Compton-Engle Languages CMLC
Gloria Vaquera Issues in Social Justice SC
Andy Welki Quantitative Analysis EC
TBD Linked Courses
Chrystal Bruce Science Distribution Courses  CH
Julia Karolle-Berg Humanities Distribution Courses  CMLC
Rich Clark Social Science Distribution Courses  SC

Ex Officio Members:

Todd Bruce Assistant Provost  IEA
Lindsay Calkins Associate Dean BSOB
Margaret Farrar Dean CAS
Anne Kugler Associate Dean CAS
Graciela Lacueva Associate Dean CAS
Pam Mason Associate Dean CAS
Nevin Mayer Coordinator of Instruction Grasselli Library
Michelle Millet Director Grasselli Library
Martha Mondello-Hendren Registrar
Maryclaire Moroney Assistant Provost Academic Advising
Carlo DeMarchi Assistant Dean Academic Advising
Catherine Sherman Assistant Dean Academic Advising

Support Staff:

Megan Wilson-Reitz Administrative Assistant to the Core Office of the Provost & AVP


Last updated: Oct. 2, 2017