Philosophy (PL)

Philosophy provides students the opportunity to reflect on the most fundamental questions of our lives that often go unexamined. Courses in philosophy acquaint students with the intellectual and moral traditions of world civilizations and aim to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to question assumptions, to weigh propositions fundamental to personal responsibility, and to consider the ethical implications of their decisions. An understanding of philosophy is one of the hallmarks of Jesuit education.

Requirement: Students take two courses in Philosophy to complete their Core requirement. One course must be from the Knowledge & Reality category, and one course must be from the Values & Society category. Taking a course from each of these categories ensures that students experience a broad range of areas, major themes, and problems within philosophy. Knowledge & Reality courses explore fundamental questions of nature, existence, and understanding. Values & Society courses explore fundamental questions of humans’ relationship to one another and to the world; and these courses also focus specifically on questions of ethics. Courses in each category are at the 200 and 300 level; the courses have no prerequisites, and students are not required to take a 200-level course before a 300-level course.