Integrative Core Curriculum

Linking learning to life: an educational experience that prepares students for complexity, change, and social responsibility.

Introduction to the Integrative Core Curriculum

The Integrative Core Curriculum at John Carroll University prepares you to make a difference in the workplace and in society. With its focus on high-level transferable skills—including communication, evidence-based reasoning, and problem solving—as well as a liberal arts approach rooted in Jesuit principles of social justice, ethics, philosophy and religious studies, the Integrative Core challenges you to think critically and ethically, communicate skillfully, and analyze strategically. That’s the difference the John Carroll academic experience delivers.

JCU’s Integrative Core is composed of four main components:

  • Foundational Competencies,
  • Language Study,
  • Integrated Courses, and
  • Jesuit Heritage.

To complete the Integrative Core Curriculum, students will complete between 43-59 hours, depending on placement in a composition course and a language course.  Most students complete the Core in 49 hours.

It’s all about your success. Our integrated core curriculum, paired with the rest of the John Carroll experience, will empower you to create the future you want.