Each year, the Millor Orator is chosen from the senior class to represent the graduating class at the commencement exercises. This is a great honor as the Millor Orator is the only student invited to speak at Commencement.

Applicants are instructed to prepare a four to five minute speech, and will be judged on content, presentation, and identification of Jesuit mission.

Here are the deadlines for the selection process:

  • All applications and accompanying materials are due to the Office of Student Activities.  The deadline has not yet been set, but will be sometime in March 2015.
  • Those selected to audition by a Selection Committee of faculty, staff, and administrators will be judged on content, poise, presentation, and style. Auditions will be in April 2015.
  • The Millor Orator will be notified by phone. All other finalists will be notified by e-mail.

Contact the Office of Student Activities, at (216) 397-4288 with questions about the Millor Orator selection process.

Good luck!