Invocation Prayer by Jillian Dunn

Let us pray.

Almighty God, Eternal Supporter,

We meet You today in celebration and in gratitude for the Carroll experience.

On behalf of the Class of 2013, I ask that Your Love permeate this sacred time as we graduate from John Carroll University.
Our own response of love has brought joy and encouragement to our communities. We ask your blessing so that all of us will continue to grow in love, refreshing the hearts of those who we encounter.

During our time here:

  • We have pursued wisdom and answers, so that we may live humbly into new questions.
  • We have observed and studied life and chemicals down to the smallest atom, and recognized You in all things.
  • We have analyzed economic and political systems, and our souls have been startled by injustice and moved to respond.
  • We have served others and established lasting friendships, nurturing a sense of solidarity so that we might befriend the outcast and marginalized.

I ask that You enliven this joyous day so that each of us is aware of the significance and responsibility of this occasion.

God, we sing out an attitude of gratitude today.

We thank you for the nurturing and steadfast care of our families whose love imitates your own. What a blessing!

We thank you for the bonds we have formed, and that have formed us. What a blessing!

We thank you for the faculty, staff, and administrators who have reached into the depths of our souls and minds, and inspired us to be witnesses of truth, love, and change. What a blessing!

These blessings are of and from you Lord, and we pray that we may savor your generosity today and everyday.

As we walk in confidence across this terrace, help us to walk boldly into the rest of our lives, never compromising our true selves.

Lord, as we stand on the edge of possibility, help us to choose what leads us closer to You. May we never take your love for granted because it is that love that enables us to be women and men for others.

And as the day comes to a close and cars line up on Belvoir, let us remember that the love, knowledge, and graces of John Carroll go forth with us too.

For all that has been, WE OFFER THANKS

For all that will be, WE SAY YES.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,


Benediction Prayer by Dan Cooney

Gracious God,

You have blessed us with unforgettable years here at John Carroll. Without you, Lord, none of this would have been possible. We thank you for the experiences we all have shared together, and praise you for the gifts you have generously given us. These diplomas are a reminder of the responsibility to share the talents you have blessed us with throughout our lives.

As we move on from this special place, Lord, we ask you to

  • Bless our families, who have watched us grow into young adults, ready to take on the world.
  • Bless our friends, who walked with us in times of joy and carried us through in times of challenge.
  • Bless our professors, advisers and mentors, who encouraged learning both within and beyond the classroom.

Lord, we, the Class of 2013, also ask for your blessing. As this chapter in the book of our lives closes, many more have yet to be written. We are filled with joy as we embark on this new adventure, yet it is with a hint of sadness that we leave a part of our heart here, in the people and places we have grown so familiar with these last four years.

Many of us know where the next stop on the journey takes them: a new job or internship, graduate school, volunteer service or the armed forces. Yet, some of us wait in anxiousness.

  • Guide us along the journey.
  • Show us the light.
  • Comfort us in our sorrow.
  • Rejoice with us in our accomplishments.

Loving God, we are ready to Go Set the World on Fire for your Greater Glory! Keep the zeal and passion alive in our hearts. Help us to Carpe Diem!

Keep us mindful that the ultimate goal is life with you. Our only desire and our one choice should be: what better leads us to a deepening of Your life within each and every one of us.

As we stay in Cleveland, or go to Buffalo, to Chicago,
to Erie, or to communities across the nation and around the world, We ask you, to inspire and share with us:

  • Your hands to do the work we are called by you to do,
  • Your eyes to see the goodness of your Creation,
  • Your mouth to speak the Good News,
  • Your Wisdom to critically think and discern,
  • Your heart, to guide our lives,
  • And a faith that stands on a solid foundation.

We know Lord, that all of us are a part of your greater vision, and we are confident that You will be with us always.

We, the Class of 2013, ask all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord: