Invocation Prayer by Anna Faist

Dear God,

We come to You on this joyous day with our hearts lifted to You.
On this campus, on this quad, we are confident that You have loved us.

Lord, on behalf of my classmates, I ask you to electrify this sacramental rite of passage as we graduate from John Carroll University and commence the rest of our lives.

I ask that you energize this celebration so that each of us feels the significance of this important milestone.

Lord, we stand here today filled with gratitude.
We are grateful for the constant support and love of our families.
We are grateful for the lifelong friendships we have formed, and that have formed us.
We are grateful for the faculty, staff, and administrators who have challenged and inspired us to learn, to love, and to serve.
A simple “thank you” just doesn’t seem to adequately express our gratitude.

Our class has been bonded even more tightly by enduring the deaths of three of our classmates.
I ask you to allow the spirits of Frank, Cody, and Matt to be with us today.
These three men are a part of who we are as a class, and may we always carry them with us in our hearts.

As each name is read aloud, I ask you to magnify your blessings on this unique student.
As they walk proudly across this stage, I ask you to guide their steps towards your destination.
As we sit in this hot sun, help us to appreciate each member of our John Carroll family.
And after the photos and final packing, I ask you to set our John Carroll experience in the corner of our hearts.
Lord, let this day echo into our bright future, animating us to receive and retrieve these graces.

Lord, as we leave the comfort of John Carroll, I ask you to help us retain the confidence that Your love will always be with us.
Help us to maintain the desire for Your love as we continue to be women and men for others.

May we always want and choose what leads to the deepening of Your life in us.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,


Benediction Prayer by Odell Brown

Loving God,

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we graduate from John Carroll University, our Alma Mater, our nurturing mother, and may the experience at this University be enshrined in our hearts. We recognize these diplomas are both a reward for hard work, and a burden of responsibility.

Father as we seek your will

Bless our feet that they may go where you want us to go

Bless our hands that they may accomplish you will

Bless our eyes that they may recognize the divine spark that is in every man

Bless our hearts that they may beat in time with yours

Bless us to see the light as we are in the light

  • Father as we march forward in your Kingdom, let us never forget that we do this work for your glory. We ask for nothing more than the privilege of being your servants, and use us as instruments of worship
  • we may become teachers, but all wisdom comes from you,
  • we may become lawyers but you are the ultimate law,
  • we may become the physicians, but it is you who heals
  • We are the ministers, but you are the Word
  • Although a market value will determine our salaries ; you determine the value of our lives

Be with us as we go back to Chicago, as we go back to Pittsburgh, to Buffalo, back to our hometowns, and we share with our community what is means to be a man or woman for and with others.

And in doing so, Father grant us

  • the courage of the strong,
  • the endurance of the marathon runner,
  • the hope of the young,
  • the wisdom of the aged
  • And a faith that doesn’t shrink when challenged
  • So that we turn to each other not on each other

On behalf of my classmates I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord amen. Amen, and amen.