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Graduation Credit

Non-degree graduate credit is available for most workshops offered. It may be used for updating certification and advancement on your district’s pay scale, but is generally not useful towards seeking advanced degrees. The registration fee does not include the cost of non-degree graduate credit. Non-degree graduate credit may be purchased during the first few days of the workshop (cash, check or money order). The cost of the non-degree credit varies but is generally $160 per hour. If you decide you do not want the non-degree graduate credit after paying for it, a full refund will be made up until the workshop ends. No refunds for non-degree graduate credit will be made after the workshop ends.

If you have never taken coursework at John Carroll University’s Graduate School in the past, a ten dollar ($10) graduate school application fee will be charged and proof of an undergraduate degree (a copy of your teaching certificate/license) will be required. There will always be a delay between the end of the course and the posting of the non-degree graduate credit on your official transcript. Credit cannot be purchased following the workshop. Note: all participants will receive certificates of participation which can be used toward Highly Qualified Teacher status under NCLB.

To recieve a copy of your transcripts after completing a course, click here