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Frequently Asked Questions

Is graduate credit available for CMSETT workshops?

Yes, CMSETT offers graded non-degree credit for many of its workshops and classes. However, you will need to complete some additional work.

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How much does graduate credit cost for CMSETT workshops?

Currently, the cost for graded non-degree credit for teachers’ workshops is $160 per credit. If you have never earned graduate credit through John Carroll University before, there is an additional $10 for application to the Graduate School.

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Does JCU offer masters degrees for teachers?

Yes, JCU offers many different masters degree programs specifically designed for teachers. They include:

Master of Arts in Integrated Science for Middle School Teachers

Master of Arts Program in Mathematics for High School Teachers

Master of Arts Program in Mathematics for Middle School Teachers

Master of Arts in Education (several programs)

Masters of Education (several programs)

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How do I get my transcript?

Just click here and follow the directions. You may also call the Registrar’s office at 216-397-4292.

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I took a class last year but didn’t sign up for graduate credit. Can I do that now?

No. You can only earn credit if you have filled out the application form on or before the first day of the workshop/class.

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How do I get to JCU?

Click here to find maps and directions

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Where do I park if I’m coming to the Dolan Center for Science and Technology for a CMSETT workshop?

Click here to find a map of our campus. The Dolan Center (#4 on map) is located just inside the John Carroll Blvd. entrance. General visitor parking (#1 in dark blue on map) surrounds the building.

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Do I have to pay for parking when I come for a CMSETT workshop/class?

No. Parking is free for teachers attending CMSETT workshops/classes. You will, however, need to stop at the guard house at the entrance to campus. Inform the officer that you are attending a CMSETT function. He/she will issue you a day visitor pass. You will need to display this on your dashboard. Failure to do so could result in a parking ticket.

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I’m a principal/curriculum director/school district administrator. What can you offer to my school district?

CMSETT staff work closely with area school districts to create customized professional development offerings in mathematics and science. We can offer programming at your district, at JCU in our technology-rich classroom/laboratory, or via distance learning. Please contact our staff to discuss you faculties’ unique needs.

For mathematics: contact Linda Gojak (216-397-4574)

For science: contact John Milam (216-397-4598)

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We’re thinking of writing a grant, but need an institute of higher education (IHE) as a partner. Who does CMSETT partner with?

CMSETT has been involved in many grant funded programs including those funded by the National Science Foundation, Ohio Department of Education, the Discovery Center, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Ohio Board of Regents, and more. Please contact us to discuss you program. Mathematics: Linda Gojak (216-397-4574); Science: John Milam (216-397-4598)

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Are CMSETT workshops/classes aligned with state and national standards?

Yes. We pay special attention to insuring that all of our professional development opportunities meet national and state academic content standards.

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John Carroll University is too far for me/my faculty to travel to. Do you offer distance learning or online professional development?

Yes. Our technology-rich classroom and laboratory is equipped with distance learning. We actively encourage this as an integral part of our professional development offerings. Online options are also available. Please call the Center to inquire about these.

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