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Cutting to the Common Core: Statistics and Probability for Grades 6-8

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Are you looking for help in understanding and implementing the Common Core Standards’ Statistics and Probability domain in grades 6-8?

Then this workshop is for YOU! Content material and mathematical practice strategies will be modeled. Topics will include:

  • The GAISE model that informs the statistical process on which the grade 6 Standards are based -  what is a statistical question, measuring the center of a distribution (median, mean) and the spread of a distribution (IQR and mean absolute deviation);
  • The extensive offerings in grade 7 – Random sampling, sampling distribution, measuring the difference of two centers in terms of a measure of variability, informal inference, and probability models;
  • The extension to grade 8 bivariate data for categorical and numerical data and how statistics links to the mathematical topic of developing a line.

Receive a copy of Bridging the Gap between Teaching Statistics and the Common Core State Standards, a publication of 20 statistics and probability activities for the middle grades as well as lots of resources including classroom-ready activities.

Location: All summer sessions run from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm and are held on the campus of John Carroll University.

Cost:  The cost for the 3 day workshop and all materials is $150 per person.  Lunch Included.  Early registration is encouraged.

Non-degree graduate credit (optional): 1 credit hour @ $160 per hour.  More information on graduate credit will be offered on the first day of the course.

Note:  The Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Teaching and Technology at John Carroll reserves the right to cancel workshops that do not have a minimum number of registrants.  In the case of cancellation, you will be notified and a given full refund.

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