“We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve.”  ~Linda Lingle

You believe that all do not start out on the same playing field.  There are some who seem to fall between the cracks and are forgotten.  You want to help those who have fallen behind in their life journey.


Labre Project


AR 115 Introduction to Service

AR 399 Poverty and Solidarity Internship

BL 260 Poverty and Disease

ED 253 School & Society

HP 101 Honors:  Science:  Race/History

PO 397 Justice & Democracy in Global Context

PS 342 Honors:  Psychology of Prejudice

SC 101 Introductory Sociology

SC 215 Individual &  Society

SC 275 Family Violence

SC 201 Social Problems

SC 385 Poverty &  Social Welfare in the U.S.