In the 2008 election, between 22 and 24 million young Americans ages 18–29 voted, resulting in an estimated youth voter turnout and a percentage of between 49.3 and 54.5 percent!  Your vote counts!


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CO 245 Argumentation & Debate

HS 196C Italy & Ireland; Nationalism & Faith

HS 297 Justice & Democracy in Global Context

LP 101 Introduction to Leadership

LP 102 Introduction to Leadership

PL 289 Social and Political Philosophy

PL 398B Power and Freedom

PO 101 US Politics

PO 102 Comparative Politics

PO 103 International Relations

PO 104 Political Thought

PO 242 Japanese Politics/Political Structure

PO 300 Political Science:  Research Methods

PO 302 Intro to Public Administration

PO 303 Sex, Gender, and Politics

POL 305 Judicial Process

PO 319 US Elections

PO 331 US Foreign Policy:  Middle East

PO 333 International Security

PO 428 Comparative Public Policy

SC 201 Social Problems