“You deserve to do what you love; you deserve to live out your passion and to wake up every morning with a purpose and eagerness to get your day started. I was once told, ‘do what you’re passionate about and the byproduct of that will be wealth, success and recognition, but first do what you love so much so that people cannot fathom taking their eyes off you.’”
-Alexis Jones, founder of the empowerment company, i am that girl.

Protecting the environment.  Extending civil rights.  Promoting pacifism.  Advocating for the homeless.  What’s your passion?  Do you have an issue you champion?  With so many issues to consider, students often find themselves overwhelmed by them rather than seeing them as opportunities to become civically involved.  The What’s Your Passion (WYP) Campaign aims to provide more easily accessible and relevant opportunities for students to channel their passions into active engagement and leadership.

  • Discover.  Want to find out what your passion is?  Click here to take a short quiz to find out what your passion might be.  WYP Quiz
  • Tell. We want to know what you are passionate about!  Click here to complete a very short survey to tell us what you care about!  My passion is…
  • Share.  After you complete the survey, pick up a WYP Campaign ribbon in the Office of Student Activities and wear it to share your passion with the community.
  • Act. If you hover over the “My Passion Is” tab you will see a list of passion areas.  Each area’s page contains academic coursework, student organizations, and service opportunities, as available, that match up with that area.  The hope is that you can find ways to connect to your passion area in the classroom, through a student organization and community organizations in order to make positive social change in your community.

Here is another way to explore your passionwww.dosomething.org