Young people are a major subset of the electorate and their voices matter!!

Here are some facts to think about:

1. 46 million young people ages 18-29 years old are eligible to vote, while 39 million seniors are eligible to vote.

2. Young people (18-29) make up 21% of the voting eligible population in the U.S.

3. At least 80 electoral votes depend on youth.

4. In Ohio, without the young vote Ohio would have been a Red state

5. Did you know that the difference between winning and losing a seat on UH council can be as little as 15 votes (what occurred in 2009)?  The 5th, 6th and 7th top vote getters for at large seats lost by 23, 15 and 30 votes, respectfully.

You are important! Make sure you register to vote today!!