College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Why Major in Chemistry?

Chemistry connects many of the other fields of science. Therefore, it is referred to as the “central science.” For this reason, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry from John Carroll University can really take you anywhere. You may elect to graduate with a concentration in Biochemistry or Chemical Physics, however these are not required. Are you interested in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, bio-medical research, or any other health-related career? We can tailor the Biochemistry concentration specifically to fulfill the medical/dental school requirements you will need. If you are interested in employment in the chemical field, graduate school, or a research career, you will find that the Chemical Physics concentration positions you to be a highly competitive candidate for employment and graduate programs. Perhaps you want to combine chemistry with another field like law, business, or sociology (forensics). the B.S. degree coursework can be combined with a second major or minor in another field.