College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Past Seminar Series

Spring 2017

Jan. 18Dr. Mark WanerJCUIntroduction to & expectations of CH 478A/B
Feb. 1Mike Kaminsky, '15 & Kim Kern, '08Baerlocher USA, Cincinnati"PVC 101"
Mar. 1Sandra PejicCase Western Reserve University"Fluorinated Electron Acceptors and High Dielectric Constant Semiconductors for Organic Photovolatics"
Mar. 22Kathi McGillKelly Scientific Resources
Mar. 29Dr. Aliaksei (Alex) BoikaThe University of Akron“Applications of AC Electrokinetic Phenomena to Electroanalysis”
Apr. 5Dr. Duy (Zoey) P. HuaOberlin College"Contribution of inter-domain electrostatic interactions to the regulation of Syk- immunoreceptor association by modulating the Syk tandem SH2 domain-domain structure"
Apr. 19Dr. Yana SandlersCleveland State University"The Role of Mass Spectrometry in Metabolic Studies"
Apr. 26Dr. Yaorong ZhengKent State University"Development of New Platinum-Based Cancer Therapy"
May 3Dr. Mike NicholsJCU"Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and Principal Component Analysis to Analyze Essential Oils and Commercial Cinnamon"
Note that all speakers and titles are subject to change. Contact Dr. Mark Waner with questions: 216.397.4791 or

Fall 2016

Aug. 31Michael Nichols, PhDJCUIntroduction to & expectations of CH 478A/B
Sept. 14Andrey Dobrynin, PhDUniversity of Akron,
Department of
Polymer Science
“Computer Simulations of Polymers and Soft Matter”
Sept. 28Joshua Goldberger, PhDThe Ohio State University“Solid-State Materials at the Atomic Scale”
Oct. 5Jacquelyn Winterburn, PhD, & Samantha Pecnik, MPHThe Lubrizol Corporation"Life Without a Lab Coat"
Oct. 12Stephen Bergmeier, PhDOhio University, Department of Chemistry"Inhibitors of Glucose Uptake-A New Cancer Therapy"
Oct. 19Colin Agatisa-BoyleCase Western Reserve University, Department of Chemistry"NMR Structure of Intracellular Amyloid ABeta Peptide"
Oct. 26Subha Das, PhDCarnegie Mellon University, Department of Chemistry"Synthesis, Debranching and RNA Interference with Backbone-branched RNA"
Nov. 2Matt Hiznay, '10Lerner Research Institute - Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine"The Role of DDX41, a DEAD-box RNA Helicase, in Splicing and Blood Cancer"
Nov. 9Peng Zhang, PhDUniversity of Cincinnati, Department of Chemistry"Sensing Applications of Photon Upconversion Nanoparticles"
Nov. 30Kristen VorisekThe Sherwin Williams Company
Dec. 7Donald Ronning, PhDThe University of Toledo, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry“Manipulating chemicals, genes, proteins and cells: interfacing chemistry and life”
Note that all speakers and titles are subject to change. Contact Dr. Michael Nichols with questions: 216.397.4796 or