College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Past Seminar Series

Fall 2017

Aug. 30Dave Mascotti, PhDJCUIntroduction to & expectations of CH 478A/B
Sept. 20Michael Haag, '00, MS, MBACase Western Reserve University“Beyond the Lab – What Can I Do With My JCU Chemistry Degree?”
Oct. 18Wei-Tsung Lee, PhDLoyola University Chicago"Design of Novel Transition Metal Complexes Bearing Asymmetric beta-Diketiminate and NNN-Pincer Ligands"
Oct. 25Sichun Yang, PhDCase Western Reserve University"Hidden Cross-Talk in Estrogen Receptor"
Nov. 1Peter Zaccari, '81Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc."The Business of Chemicals"
Nov. 8Gregory V. Hartland, PhDUniversity of Notre Dame"Spectroscopy of single nanostructures"
Nov. 15Charles Carfagna, PhD, '05Virginia Tech"There and Back Again: A Chemist's Tale"
Nov. 29Aaron Frank, PhDUniversity of Michigan"Solving Open Challenges in Biophysical Chemistry Using Machine-Learning"
Dec. 6Beth S. Guiton, PhDUniversity of Kentucky"Investigating Nanostructure Synthesis Using In Situ TEM"
Note that all speakers and titles are subject to change. Contact Dr. Dave Mascotti with questions: 216.397.4216 or

Spring 2017

Jan. 18Dr. Mark WanerJCUIntroduction to & expectations of CH 478A/B
Feb. 1Mike Kaminsky, '15 & Kim Kern, '08Baerlocher USA, Cincinnati"PVC 101"
Mar. 1Sandra PejicCase Western Reserve University"Fluorinated Electron Acceptors and High Dielectric Constant Semiconductors for Organic Photovolatics"
Mar. 22Kathi McGillKelly Scientific Resources
Mar. 29Dr. Aliaksei (Alex) BoikaThe University of Akron“Applications of AC Electrokinetic Phenomena to Electroanalysis”
Apr. 5Dr. Duy (Zoey) P. HuaOberlin College"Contribution of inter-domain electrostatic interactions to the regulation of Syk- immunoreceptor association by modulating the Syk tandem SH2 domain-domain structure"
Apr. 19Dr. Yana SandlersCleveland State University"The Role of Mass Spectrometry in Metabolic Studies"
Apr. 26Dr. Yaorong ZhengKent State University"Development of New Platinum-Based Cancer Therapy"
May 3Dr. Mike NicholsJCU"Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and Principal Component Analysis to Analyze Essential Oils and Commercial Cinnamon"
Note that all speakers and titles are subject to change. Contact Dr. Mark Waner with questions: 216.397.4791 or