College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research is a useful way to develop the skills you will need in your career field, even if you are not planning to be a researcher. Not surprisingly, those who participate in research mature their skills at a faster rate than those who do not participate. This provides you with a distinct advantage for entering the workforce or acceptance for additional schooling.

Statistics from the class of 2017:

  • 78% of the students had a research experience in their Junior year
  • 78% had a research experience in their Senior year
  • 65% had a research experience in both Junior and Senior years
  • The places our students researched¬†varied:
    • industry
    • JCU/other universities
    • Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Metrohealth
    • others had internships outside of chemistry in business and law


Employers and graduate/professional school committees look favorably upon undergraduate research. Research students also present their results, and will often be co-authors in scholarly publications.


Updated: 8-2-17