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Department of Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

All of our majors earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. This degree offers a wide variety of options for our students upon graduation. Our students are well prepared for employment in the chemical industry, graduate school, or health-related professional programs. Additionally, students are equipped for careers in other fields such as business, education*, information science, journalism, forensic chemistry, or law, which is useful to students who wish to pursue a second major in another discipline.

A chemistry major combined with a minor in business is excellent preparation for a career in industrial chemistry if one’s goal is management or an M.B.A. This would also allow a student to complete the B.S. in Chemistry and M.B.A. at John Carroll in five years of full-time study. PL 311 should be taken in the Core curriculum to facilitate this goal. Interested students should consult with their advisor early in their freshman or sophomore year.

A chemistry major combined with the criminology sequence in sociology, is excellent preparation for employment in forensic chemistry.

*Students wishing to teach chemistry or general science in secondary schools should confer with the Department of Education and School Psychology during freshman year.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (120 total credit hours):


To view a variety of sample study plans, click here.

To declare a Chemistry major, complete this form, print the email confirmation, bring it to the Chemistry office, and schedule a declaration meeting with the Chair:

*Integrative Core Curriculum is for students graduating in 2019 or later. Distributive Core Curriculum is for students graduating prior to 2019. There may be exceptions to both of these.


Updated: 8-25-17