Departmental Facilities and Instrumentation

The chemistry department is located in the west wing of the Dolan Center for Science and Technology. The department office and most of the labs and faculty offices are located on the third floor. General chemistry labs are located on the first floor, while biochemistry facilities are located primarily on the second floor. There are nine teaching laboratories and two walk-in environmental rooms, which allow controlled experimentation between -10 and +60°C.

Research Laboratories and Instruments

In addition, there are nine research laboratories with nearly $2 million worth of equipment, which is not only used by the faculty, but also by undergraduate students doing independent research projects. A large share of the department’s chemicals, equipment, and glassware is stored in the Central Scientific Stores.

Click here to view photos and descriptions of the department’s instruments.

John A. Carrabine Computer Laboratory

The chemistry department also maintains its own computer facility, the John A. Carrabine Computer Laboratory. This facility is used at all levels of the undergraduate program and contains 20 desktop computers, a multimedia projection system, and two laser printers. The Carrabine Lab is the only student computer lab in the west wing of Dolan. Students can use all the software available on the campus network, as well as take advantage of chemistry-specific molecular drawing and modeling software. The laboratory is routinely used for classes. Learn more about the Carrabine Lab.