In the JCU Department of Chemistry, you’ll find: 

Dedicated and Available Faculty

  • Expert Instruction — lecture and lab courses are taught by our full-time faculty of nine Ph.D./M.S. chemists, not part-time instructors or graduate students. Our faculty take a personal interest in helping students plot their paths through their John Carroll experiences and start of their careers.
  • Small Class Sizes — most of our classes have fewer than 20 students and approximately 25 students graduate each year with one of our majors.

Advanced Facilities and Resources

  • Modern Teaching and Research labs — our department, located in the Dolan Center for Science in Technology opened in 2003, consists of 9 teaching labs, 9 research labs for student projects, a 20-station computer lab, and a multimedia classroom.
  • State-of-the-Art Instrumentation Facility — with nearly $2 million worth of equipment, our instrumentation facility is used by students to conduct lab coursework experiments, often starting in their first chemistry course, as well as during independent research.
  • Chemical Literature — through the Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center our students have access to print and electronic versions of virtually all the latest developments in the world of chemistry.

Real-World Experience

  • Student Research Opportunities — undergraduate students are encouraged to join a faculty member’s research group during the school year or summer to explore and gain additional experience through experimentation and presenting their work via poster sessions and talks.
  • Teaching Assistant Opportunities — chemistry majors have paid opportunities to assist faculty with activities such as lab preparation, assisting students during lab courses, and grading.
  • Industrial and Academic Connections — our students regularly receive information on internship and job opportunities from local employers and regional universities, both from direct contact with faculty and our weekly seminar program.

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