Our American Chemical Society-accredited department offers three tracks to complete our major program (biochemistry, comprehensive chemistry, and general chemistry) and along with a minor and other study options.

Common to all our programs is an interest in understanding our surroundings at the molecular and atomic level, as experienced through our five focused disciplines:

  • Analytical chemistry…to answer such questions as “What makes my water smell?” or “How much iron is in my breakfast cereal?”
  • Biochemistry…to answer such questions as “How does iron help me stay healthy?” or “What makes a cell become cancerous?”
  • Inorganic chemistry…to answer such questions as “How can I make this industrial process use less energy?” or “How does mercury change my body?”
  • Organic chemistry….to answer such questions as “How can I change this industrial process to use less harmful chemicals?” or “How can I make a better molecule to fight cancer?”
  • Physical chemistry…to answer such questions as “What makes stuff sticky?” or “Can I make this material stronger and lighter?”

Not sure what your question is or where your answer lies? That’s OK and encouraged! Exploring your future goals and objectives is an integral part of the John Carroll experience to discover which area of chemistry serves you best.