College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Welcome to Chemistry at John Carroll University! Thank you for visiting and taking time to learn about us.

Our department is located in the west wing of the Dolan Center for Science and Technology. We pride ourselves in having a student-centered program. We are committed to and focused on students. Only full-time faculty teach lectures and labs remain small to encourage in-depth learning and more hands-on experiments in labs. Students are highly encouraged to join faculty in research as undergraduates. Our faculty provide individual advising to all of our students and help connect them to internships and job opportunities. We also provide the opportunity to become Teaching Assistants as undergraduates to aid in lab preparation and grading. We provide an education and foundation for success beyond graduation. Our program is approved by the American Chemical Society and students are prepared at graduation to enter careers in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, forensic science, and other fields. Others go on to graduate school to study medicine, dentistry, law, or pharmacy.

The world is yours…experiment and explore with us!

Dr. Mike Setter
Assistant Professor and Chair