This page offers links to websites for finding teaching ideas and strategies generally and for thinking about how to teach well.  Subpages, accessible under the “Teaching Resources” button on the left, or through the following links, contain more specific information on writing a syllabus, instructional design, engagement strategies, teaching technology, and online teaching.

Useful websites for teaching strategies include: David Gooblar’s collection of teaching strategies at Pedagogy Unbound (a subset of these can also be found on the Chronicle’s Vitae site, here).

Faculty Focus, by Magna Publications is less compendium and more newsletter.  Magna Publications also  produces The Teaching Professor, a monthly publication of teaching research, strategies, and reflections.  To access John Carroll’s subscription, please contact Rodney Hessingter for the sign-on information.

Here are two recent brief pieces on teaching best practices:

Dan Berrett, “Teaching Clearly Can Be a Deceptively Simple Way to Improve Learning,”Chronicle of Higher Education; Andrew Joseph Pegoda, “19 Lessons About Teaching,” Inside Higher Ed

And for for lengthier, thought-provoking considerations of what it means to teach well and how to enact those practices in a course, see:

Ken Bain, What the Best College Teachers Do (Harvard, 2004) and his follow-on What the Best College Students Do (Harvard, 2012)

James Lang, On Course: A Week-By-Week Guide to Your First Semester of College Teaching (Harvard, 2008).

For a list of books available in the Faculty Lounge on teaching and research strategies, as well as a much longer list of books available in Grasselli Library, see the books and articles page, here.