A Celebration of Scholarship

Paper/Panel Sessions

Celebration Paper Presentations/Panel Sessions Information

For those of you who haven’t presented at a professional conference before, here are some helpful hints for a successful presentation. Arrive early and plan to stay for the entire session. Dress appropriately for a professional presentation. The Dolan conference rooms (A202 and A203) are equipped with PowerPoint and overhead capability and will have Internet access. Arriving early will give you time to load your PowerPoint file prior to your presentation. If there is another session scheduled after yours, please leave the room at the end of your session to allow presenters in the next session time to prepare.

Introduce yourself to the Moderator who will introduce you and your topic. Individual presentations are limited to 15 minutes with a few minutes for questions and answers. You do not need to present for the entire 15 minutes but you should not talk for more than 15. Practice your talk so that you will not need to cut your presentation short. Remember your audience: speak slowly and clearly. The Moderator will also signal you when your time limit is approaching.

Since the Dolan Conference Rooms are separated by a thin wall, keep unnecessary chatter to a minimum, especially close to the separating wall.

Presentation Rooms and Equipment:

Sessions will be held in the Dolan Science Center conference rooms (A202 and A203) located above the auditorium. The Dolan Reading Room, located on the first floor opposite the auditorium, is the location for the third session in each time slot.  The rooms are equipped with Internet/network-connected computers with DVD drives, LCD projectors, and overhead projectors. Additional equipment, if needed, should be requested on the application.