A Celebration of Scholarship

Arts at Night

Celebrate the Arts at Night!

The 13th annual A Celebration of Scholarship will be held the week of April 13, 2015 at John Carroll University.

The Arts at Night is designed to allow current students an opportunity to share their scholarship in the form of artistic work, including poetry, short stories, and vocal and instrumental performances.

The Arts at Night is coordinated by Cynthia Caporella, Ph.D., director of liturgical music and musical art, and Philip Metres, Ph.D., Department of English.


Music performances are expected to be two to five minutes in length. Ensemble groups may request up to 20 minutes. Auditions are required. Contact Cynthia Caporella, Ph.D., for more information and to schedule an audition.


Spoken word performances will be held in conjunction with the music performances and are expected to be two to five minutes in length. Contact Philip Metres, Ph.D., in the Department of English for more information.