A Celebration of Scholarship

2008 Participants

Celebration 2008 Participant List


This index lists presenters, John Carroll co-authors, advisors, and moderators for the paper/panel and poster sessions.  PS code designates the Poster Session on Thursday.

Kara Alloco PS.10
Jessica Alvis I
Catherine Anson PS.35
Dr. Carl Anthony PS.49; PS.53; PS.54; PS.61
Ann Awadalla PS.09
Sylvia Aybar PS.39
Courtney Baas PS.08
Ryan Baker PS.10
Chester Banaszak K
Benjamin Beehner PS.75
Catherine Belzile PS.12
Lana Bengez PS.28
Marisa Benich PS.17; PS.30
Dr. Denise Ben-Porath PS.30
Stephanie Besser I; O.1
Amy Betschart PS.37; PS.38
Donella Bolen PS.61
Boris Bosnjak K
Liberty Bost E
Dr. Lauren Bowen L
Matthew Bowers PS.19
John Bugner PS.62
Marty Calabrese PS.53
Sara Capraruolo D
Jennifer Carlson PS.01
Pamela Castricone PS.10
Dr. Yuh-Cherng Chai PS.31
Iteen Cheng PS.28
Kyle Chippy PS.01
Dr. Richard Clark I
Carolyn Clauss D
Christina Cocca PS.08
Samantha Cocco E; K
Dr. Jeanne Colleran I
Dr. Tom Conklin PS.65
Ruth Connell PS.35
Benedict Curatolo PS.43
Alison Cyperski PS.55
Kelly D’Amato H
Barbara D’Ambrosia G.2
Katherine D’Amico PS.40
Daniel Deptowicz PS.10
Dr. Ernest DeZolt PS.23
Michael Dietz O.2
Joseph DiFranco PS.10
Dr. Gregory DiLisi G.1
Dr. Jeffrey Dyck PS.19; PS.59
Fade Eadeh M.2
Dr. Linda Eisenmann G
Lester Eliazo PS.22
Vanessa Esquibel K; M.1
Joshua Ewing PS.58
Melanie Faithwalker B.1
Ryan Feaver PS.14
Matthew Fields PS.42
Dr. Margaret Finucane E
Laura Fletcher PS.10
Tara Ford PS.09; PS.74
Abbey Fox E
Michael George PS.52
Andrew Gibel PS.56
Jonathan Glaab PS.51
Martin Glose PS.71
Eliese Goldbach L.1
Theresa Gromek H
Devin Hale PS.20; PS.21
Dr. Penny Harris K
Jennifer Hauschildt PS.03
Dr. Richard Hendrickson F
Katie Hennessey PS.53
Diego Hernandez PS.59
Adam Higgins PS.75
Elaine Hocevar PS.23
Leila Hojat PS.10
Caitlin Huey-Burns D
Dr. Adbulrqzaq Imam PS.66
Dana Ingraham F
Kathleen Keating PS.36
Dr. Tom Kelly A.2
Dan Kelly PS.05
Nanette Kendall PS.02
Frank Kenner PS.73
Kim Kern PS.68
Chris Kerr PS.45
Dr. Marc Kirschenbaum PS.56; PS.57; PS.58; PS.60
Dr. Robert Kolesar C; N; P
Meghan Kolupski PS.74
Dr. Anne Kugler PS.52; PS.62
Dr. Sophie Kus-Patena PS.65
Dr. Man Lung Kwan PS.25
Dr. Graciela Lacueva PS.39
Dr. David La Guardia A
Tania Lahood PS.67
Jennifer Lamparelli PS.10
Anthony Lanese PS.57
Dr. Janet Larsen PS.11; PS.15; PS.73; PS.76
Gregory Lause’ PS.50
Thea Letteri F
Sarah Levicky H
Dr. James Lissemore PS.01; PS.02; PS.04; PS.05; PS.07; PS.08; PS.09; PS.18; PS.29; PS.64; PS.67
Jeremy London J
Chad Lucas PS.07; PS.49
Dr. Marc Lynn O.2
Amanda Maggiotto PS.76
Katie Mahoney F
Joshua Marcin E
Liz Martelli PS.29
Dr. Michael Martin PS.51; PS.67
Christina Martin PS.46
Dr. David Mascotti PS.28; PS.40; PS.63
Bryan Mauk L.4
Dr. John McBratney L.2
Matt McDiarmid PS.64
Dr. Sheila McGinn J
Keith McMillin G.1
James Menkhaus O.3
Dr. Catherine Miller PS.26; PS.68; PS.69
Erica Miller H
Robert Mitton PS.27
Dr. Maryclaire Moroney L.1
Nathan Moss PS.26
Roberta Muehlheim PS.53
James Naeger PS.29
David Negrelli K
Dr. Michael Nichols PS.21; PS.38; PS.69
Norah O’Neil PS.10
Dr. Daniel Palmer B.2; G.3; PS.10; PS.56; PS.57; PS.58; PS.60
Kevin Panek A.3
Dr. Mindy Peden D
Dr. Naveed Piracha PS.14
Amanda Pizzi PS.44
Lana Pollock PS.41
Charles Ponyik PS.63
Andrew Rafferty F
Robert Ramser J
Andrew Reeves PS.04
Pete Rembusch PS.02
Jamie Rhodes PS.31
David Robson PS.27
Ashley Russo PS.24
Ashley Sandella PS.06
Dr. Helene Sanko PS.10
Dr. Nick Santilli PS.75
Nagua Sarkiss PS.05
Dr. Cynthia Marco Scanlon B
Dr. Jacqueline Schmidt H
Paul Schroder PS.25
Dr. Larry Schwab PS.34
Dr. Shirley Seaton I
Dr. Linda Seiter PS.22; PS.40
Jessica Serbin PS.32
Sylvia Sesisz H
Dr. Michael Setter PS.72
Cara Sharbaugh H
Maria Sharpe O.4
Dr. Christopher Sheil PS.74
Jason Shifflet PS.60
Rob Siedler PS.64
Jovanna Silipigni I
Lydia Spates K K
Caroline Stevens PS.10
James Steward PS.13
Ian Steward PS.33
Elizabeth Stiles PS.48
Dana Stone PS.18
Sarah Stroney E; PS.48
John Sullivan PS.47
Lindsey Syktich PS.72
Ryan Tappel PS.16
Genna Tartamella K
Dr. Nancy Taylor A.3
Anthony Terescavage L.3; PS.11; PS.75
Natalie Terry PS.45
Kimberly Thompson PS.53; PS.54
Emily Tillmaand E
Kenneth Tubbs PS.10
Ruth Tynen L.2
Crystal Uvalle PS.18
Dr. Gloria Vaquera M
Jessica Van Horn H
Korrin Vanderhoof PS.15
Jeff Villanueva PS.04
Louis Volino PS.69
Elyse Wagner D
Mark Waner PS.63
Tim Warner PS.66
Jessica Weibley PS.07
Steve Wessel PS.34
Jacqueline Wilson PS.10
Meghan Wolf F
Leah Wydro PS.70
Dr. John Yost PS.17; PS.44
Dr. Sheri Young PS.36; PS.55
Kendra Yurgionas D
Dr. Charles Zarobila A.1
Dr. Deborah Zawislan B.3
Scott Zimmerman PS.45