A Celebration of Scholarship

2007 Art Exhibit

A Celebration of Scholarship!2007 The Art Exhibit

The Grasselli Library Lobby held the celebration of art by JCU community members. Thanks to the Student Arts Organization , and it’s president Marta Fabrykowski, for organizing the event, and for Grasselli Library for welcoming the exhibit.

Best of Show winners as selected by the Students Arts Organization received a gift certificate to the Bookstore.


  Elaine Hocevar, “Treptower Park”


  Zoltán Bugnyár, “Before the Storm Hits, Land of Székely’s – Csíksomlyó, Hungarian Ethnicity in Romania”


  James Spetz, Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus)- Greyscale


Listed below are all of the participants and their works.


Artist Title Type
Alysse Boyd Con l’andare del tempo (With the passing of time) Portraiture
  Contemplation Landscape
  God of all splendor Landscape
Zoltán Bugnyár Sunset above Budapest Landscape
  “For of such is the kingdom of heaven” Durán, Ecuador Portraiture
  Before the Storm Hits, Land of Székely’s – Csíksomlyó, Hungarian Ethnicity in Romania Portraiture
Michele Ford Untitled Landscape
  Untitled Landscape
Elaine Hocevar Shadows of the Pantheon Landscape
  Stopping for a Drink Landscape
  Treptower Park Landscape
Sarah Hocevar Childhood Innocence Portraiture
  Evening Lights Landscape
  Out to dry Landscape
Laurén Kirchner Shaker Landscape
  Puget Sound, North Cascades Mountains Landscape
Carl Spitznagel Mabry Mill Landscape
  Chagrin Valley Winter Landscape
  Christmas Dawn in the Village Landscape
Matthew J. Stipe Dunguaire Castle: Kinvara, Co. Galway Landscape
  Desert Beauty Landscape
  Yellow Expression Landscape
Jonathan Tramontana Warning: Numerous Students Were Harmed in the Making of this Photo (really – not just the fags) Portraiture
  Tom Portraiture
  Leather Portraiture
Diane Ward World War II Memorial Landscape
  Amaryllis Landscape
  November Sky Landscape

Mixed Media:

Artist Title Media
Erin Brady Cat Skull: Graphite Graphite
  Cat Skull: Stippled Ink Ink
Erin Murphy Papaveracae Oil painting
  Life after grad school Acrylic painting
  My Roomate Dan Oil pastel
Christopher A. Sheil Forest Floor Stalemate: Interaction Between Salamander and Centipede Mixed Water Media (gouache and watercolor pencil) on Natural Grain Paper
Nick Siegferth Taeniura lymma (Blue Spotted Ray) Pencil sketching and graphite dust rubbed into mylar
James Spetz Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus)- Line Drawing with Stippling Line Drawing with Stippling
  Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus)- Greyscale Greyscale Illustration
Jennifer Tucker Synaesthetic Alphabet Oil on glass with a metal frame