The SHRM Learning System is a training program that further develops your HR knowledge and also assists you in preparing for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exams.

SHRM educational products are developed using the highest quality standards. A team of subject matter experts reviews each product to ensure accurate, real-life applications. In addition, SHRM programs are “living documents”— improvements and revisions are included in each reprint to incorporate the latest changes in HR practices and legislation.

The official SHRM Learning System provides a solid foundation for managing the HR challenges you face in today’s demanding work environment.

Please note that to earn either the PHR or SPHR designation, candidates must have at least (2) years of exempt-level experience in the HR field.

This program is designed for

  • Employee Benefits Directors
  • Employee Relations Managers
  • Experienced Managers new to the human resource field
  • Training Directors
  • Human Resource Practitioners seeking professional development to enhance or advance their career
  • Other Mid-level Managers seeking career change or promotion
  • HR Professionals planning to take the PHR or SPHR certification exams

Program Benefits

  • Career Advancement: This course is strategic in nature, preparing HR professionals for career advancement opportunities. The course features open, interactive forums and real-world application. exercises to effectively reinforce the key concepts of each session.
  • Cost-effective Learning: Participants minimize travel expenses for professional development.
  • Practitioner-focused and Competency-based: The curriculum is designed by subject matter experts and includes application exercises that develop specific competencies and decision-making skills.
  • Action-oriented Curriculum: The course provides opportunities for HR professionals to network, share real-world experiences, and apply what they’ve learned to the workplace.
  • Recertification Credits: Certified HR professionals can earn credits toward PHR/SPHR recertification.
  • All registered participants of John Carroll classes, live and online, will have password protected access to a variety of learning resources via the web.  These web-based resources include:
    • Nearly 1,000 PHR/SPHR questions and application activities
    • Online pre/post testing with immediate feedback
    • E Flash Cards
    • Comprehensive glossary
  • Access to the web-based testing site will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to prepare for the new computer-based testing used by HRCI, providers of the PHR/SPHR certification exam, increasing the student’s comfort level with computer-based testing.

The SHRM Learning System offers a way to

  • Increase overall effectiveness by giving you and your fellow HR professionals a common language and body of knowledge.
  • Strengthen individual competencies and productivity through effective HR training.
  • Broaden the perspective of functional specialists.
  • A certificate of completion for 30 Continuing Education Hours (3 CEUs).

The program content includes modules covering the functional areas of HR management.

Module 1: Strategic Management

  • The Role of Human Resources in Organizations
  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Assessing the Internal Environment
  • Scanning the External Environment
  • Evaluating HR’s Strategic Contributions
  • Ethical Issues Affecting Organizations
  • HR and the Legislative and Regulatory Environment
Module 2: Workforce Planning and Employment

  • Key Legislation Affecting Employee Rights
  • Key Legislation Affecting Privacy and Consumer Protection
  • Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
  • Gender Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
  • Organizational Staffing Requirements
  • Job Analysis and Documentation
  • Recruitment
  • Flexible Staffing
  • Selection and Retention
  • Organizational Exit
  • Employee Records Management
Module 3: Human Resources Development

  • Key Legislation
  • Human Resource Development and the Organization
  • Organizational Development Initiatives
  • Adult Learning and Motivation
  • Training and Development
  • Talent Management
  • Developing Leaders
  • Performance Management
Module 4: Total Rewards

  • Key Compensation Legislation
  • Total Rewards and the Strategic Focus of the Organization
  • Compensation Structure
  • Compensation Systems
  • Introduction to Benefit Programs and Key Benefits Legislation
  • Government-Mandated Benefits
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Health-Care Benefits
  • Other Nonstatuatory Benefits
  • Compensation and Benefit Programs for International Employees
  • Evaluating the Total Rewards System and Communicating it to Employees
Module 5: Employee and Labor Relations

  • Laws Affecting Employee and Labor Relations
  • Employee Relations and Organizational Culture
  • Employee Involvement Strategies
  • Measuring Employee Attitudes
  • Policies, Procedures, and Work Rules
  • Discipline and Complaint Resolution
  • Labor Relations Legislation and Union Organizing
  • Unfair Labor Practices
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Strikes and Secondary Boycotts
Module 6: Risk Management

  • Organizational Risk
  • Key Legislation
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Security
  • Privacy