Art History

Dr. Gerald B. Guest
Medieval Art

Dr. Linda A. Koch
Italian Renaissance Art

Classical and Modern Languages

Dr. Santa Casciani
16th Century Art in Rome

Dr. Gwendolyn Compton-Engle
Reading the Gospels


Dr. Emily Butler
Old English Language & Literature


Dr. Santa CascianiĀ 
History of the Papacy

Dr. Paul V. Murphy
Renaissance Europe


Fr. Casimir Bukala
Existentialism & Phenomenology

Dr. Santa CascianiĀ 
Christian Thinkers, Introduction to Ethics

Fr. Damien Ferrence
Theories of Knowledge (Borromeo Faculty)

Dr. Namrata Mitra
17th and 18th Century European Philosophy

Theology & Religious Studies

Fr. Phillip Bernier
Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Introduction (Borromeo Faculty)
Franciscan Movement

Mrs. Joan Carney
Introduction to Theology & Religious Studies

Fr. Donald Cozzens
Christian Sexuality

Dr. Edward HahnenbergĀ 
Introduction to Theology & Religious Studies
Church and Ministry

Dr. Joseph F. Kelly
History of Christmas

Fr. Mark Latcovich/Fr. John Loya/Fr. Andrew Turner
Introduction to Theology & Religious Studies (Borromeo Faculty)

Dr. Sheila McGinn
Reading the Bible Through the Eyes of the Hungry
Engaging the Scripture:Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Dr. Edward Peck
Moral Decision Making

Ms. Megan Wilson-Reitz
Introduction to Theology & Religious Studies