This concentration, open to all majors, explores in depth the question of sex and gender in contemporary society. The indicated sequence of courses will enable students to examine the philosophical and religious premises of sex roles; their historical, psychological, and social origins; and their political manifestations.

In addition to prerequisites (see individual departments for details), these courses are included: CL 290; CO 322; EN 284, 445; HS 150, 371, 372; IC 163, 370; PL 290, 330, 398; PO 305; PS 261, 262, 342; RL 325, 364, 437; SC 255, 315, 320, 385. These are described in the course offerings of the various departments and count toward the concentration. Students may petition the coordinator for approval of additional courses. The concentration consists of 18 credits, no more than six of which may be taken in any one department.

Coordinator: Dr. Brenda A. Wirkus, Department of Philosophy.