A major in economics provides a comprehensive base for you to pursue a variety of academic and professional fields. It’s an ideal preparation for careers in business and for many graduate programs.

Economics majors find employment in banking and other financial institutions, sales, consulting firms, government service, and teaching. In addition, many graduate programs—most notably law, business administration, and economics—regard the study of economics to be particularly beneficial because of its logical, ordered approach to problem solving.

Furthermore, the study of economics—the only social science honored by its own Nobel Prize—is intellectually challenging and rewarding. Economists use the scientific method to develop and test hypotheses and with their findings address vital current issues. 

In our Bachelor of Arts in economics program, you’ll take introductory and advanced courses in key areas of business and economics. You’ll also have opportunities to further your studies in areas such as international economics, public administration and policy studies, and mathematics and economics. Our location near Cleveland offers scores of valuable internship opportunities for students in corporate, nonprofit, and healthcare settings.

For more information and course descriptions, visit the JCU Undergraduate Bulletin.