Early Warning Evaluation for Undergraduates

The Early Warning Evaluation is used by the Deans’ Offices to identify and to assist any undergraduates who may be experiencing academic difficulty early in the semester. This reporting tool enables faculty advisors, along with the academic advising office, to identify students who are struggling in multiple classes. Although the program can and should be used to convey an instructor’s concerns about any student, as a University we are particularly attentive to the challenges facing the newest members of our academic community: freshmen, transfer students, and the Early College cohort. Faculty are asked to report such students electronically on Banner, usually by the fourth week of the semester. For students experiencing difficulty (in terms of class attendance, participation, and performance on assignments/exams/quizzes), the deans will contact both the students and the students’ advisors. The success of the process depends on the widest possible response from faculty for each of their classes.

Below are instructions for completing the Early Warning Evaluation on Banner Web:

  1. Go to Banner Web at www.jcu.edu/bannerweb.
  2. Enter the Secure Area with your Banner User ID and PIN. (If you do not have an ID or PIN, please contact the IT Help Line x3005.)
  3. Click on Faculty & Advisors.
  4. Click on Early Warning Evaluation.
  5. Select the current Term and Submit.
  6. From the drop-down menu, select one of the courses you are teaching and Submit.
  7. Follow the instructions that appear at the top of the screen. If a student is having no problem in your class, check the No Problem box. Or check one or more of the Problem boxes as they apply to attendance or participation. At this point, we are not concerned about assignments or tests and quizzes. If a student drops your course during the Early Warning Evaluation period, the student’s name may appear on the evaluation table. However, you will not need to complete an evaluation for students who have withdrawn from your class.
  8. Click Submit when you have completed the evaluation for one class and review the data.
  9. If you are teaching more than one class, return to the Faculty & Advisor Menu to begin the process over again.

A student who appears to be having difficulty in several courses will be contacted by the Assistant Deans. In addition, the student will be notified about the evaluation via email.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Office of Academic Advising.

Midterm Grades

Each semester faculty are required to submit midterm grades for all freshman students, first-year transfer students, and any student who is earning a C- or lower at midterm. Faculty report the grades electronically on Banner. The Office of the Registrar has instructions for submitting midterm grades.