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Course-Related Forms

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Form Descriptions

Online Academic Petition if you need approval for a class to count for a specific requirement.
In the event that a student requests a substitution of courses, a special request of the Core Committee, an extension of time to complete course work, or to request a major course substitution, an Academic Petition is used.

Instructions for Completing a Cross Registration Form

  • Review the criteria at the top of the form to determine eligibility for cross-registration. Students must be full-time undergraduates in good standing (or 2.00 GPA at JCU).
  • Complete the demographic and course information on the form.
  • Provide a description of the course that will be taken at the host institution to the respective department chair at JCU. The department chair will review the course description, indicate the JCU equivalent on the form and sign it.
  • Bring the cross registration form to the Registrar’s Office for the authorizing signature. (NOTE: The form indicates Academic Dean or Registrar’s signature – at JCU, the Registrar’s Office is the authorizing authority for this particular form.)
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office at the host institution and ask when cross-registrants are permitted to register. Take the authorized form to the Registrar’s Office at the host institution to register for the class at the designated time.

The following institutions have agreed to participate in a cross-registration arrangement with John Carroll University:

Baldwin-Wallace CollegeCuyahoga Community College
Case Western Reserve UniversityHiram College
Cleveland Institute of ArtLakeland Community College
Cleveland Institute of MusicNotre Dame College
Cleveland State UniversityUrsuline College

Visit the University Registrar website for further instructions for completing a cross-registration.

Course Overload Permission Form

Students intending to register for more than 18 hours for the upcoming semester should review and complete the form. The student’s advisor must sign the form and it must be returned to the academic dean of the appropriate college.

Independent Study

For students who demonstrate superior ability, an instructor may suggest a plan of independent study that shall include some remission of the obligation of regular class attendance. Independent-study plans in each case shall have the recommendation of the department chair and approval of the appropriate dean. Please print the Independent Study Contract and complete all areas including securing the appropriate signatures. After final approval by the dean, it is the student’s responsibility to register for the course with the Registration Office in the Student Service Center. Download the Independent Study Contract. (note: save file to your computer before filling in fields)

Pass/Fail Course Option Form

Students who have obtained sophomore status are permitted to take up to six courses on the Pass/Fail basis with restrictions outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin under the Academic Policies and Procedures section. Please refer to those guidelines. Print the Pass/Fail form, complete the form, and make an appointment with the Assistant Deans’ Office (phone: 216.397.4219) to have the request approved.

Repeat a Course

Students may repeat only once a course in which they receive a C- or lower. The higher grade received will be counted in their cumulative GPA; the other grade will remain on the transcript but will not count toward the cumulative GPA, nor will it count for credit toward graduation. Repeated courses must be taken at John Carroll. To repeat a course, students must submit an online academic petition to their advisor and the appropriate academic dean.

Transient Petition Form

Want to take a summer course closer to home?

You’ll need a course description from the school where you want to take the course and the Transient Petition form filled out, approved, and signed. When your course is complete transcripts should be sent to the Registrar at John Carroll University.

UG Graduate Coursework Application

Seniors of exceptional ability in the undergraduate programs of the university may apply to receive credit for graduate courses completed in excess of the undergraduate degree requirements. Application for Graduate Studies and written approval of the appropriate undergraduate dean must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of registration.

Withdrawal/LOA policy

When a student decides to discontinue enrollment at John Carroll University, a formal notice must be given to Enrollment Services. The student may choose to initiate a withdrawal from all courses with no intent to return (“Permanent Withdrawal”) or withdrawal with the intent to return (“Leave of Absence”).  A withdrawal initiated by a student can be superseded by appropriate University action in the event of disciplinary action, academic dismissal or suspension. A Leave of Absence will not delay program expiration dates. Please find the policy and forms here:


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